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About Me
Name: ChristineAsh
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 66 inches
City: Get to know me better and you will find out
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Light
Marital Status: Divorced
Occupation/Major: Bachelor's
School/College: yep yep did that
Favorite Food: Thai - I love to cook and do use more than just the microwave
Pets: Boots and
Car: 2009 Black Toyota Tacoma 4 door
About Me:
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about me, my audios and videos, and
when you can catch me online.
I am turned on by men who know what they like and want and can verbalize it. Literacy doesn't hurt either. In my room I love to talk and have fun in all sorts of ways. Come see for yourself. Read Up On Me
Click Here to order me an gift card. ( Please MFC Mail me the URL for the gift you have in mind. Thank you so much! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter.

Tags: nice ass, Classy, brunette, Sexy, Fit, Texan, Personable, Funny, dirty talk, MILF, cougar, creamy, pussy hari
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
You have one life on this earth YOU are the only person that can determine how you live that life... Bucket Lists are for Dying people just have fun and LIVE for yourself not to compete with what everyone else is doing.
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Family (my roommates), my friends, you guys! I have the best group of guys and hope you all know that you all mean the world to me!!
Favorite Books:
Reading The Millionaire Next Door
Christine & JennyThis package includes all 10 videos from my shows with JennySweet__ (Too many to list), plus the bonus video of our first meeting! An amazing value(over 90 min. total) (1875 Tokens)
Christine & GinnyThis package includes all 5 videos from my shows with GinnyPotter (Nylons, In the Shower, Toys, Oil Massage, Pillow Fight), plus the bonus video of our first meeting! Intense, amazing, and unforgettable.(over 90 min. total) (1875 Tokens)
Christine & JalynThis package includes all 6 videos from my shows with Jalyn (Too many to list), plus the bonus video of our first meeting! An amazing value(over 90 min. total) (1875 Tokens)
MassageEnjoy one my hottest audio stories yet as I enjoy a very, very special massage (12:46). Then you also get a video of me massaging myself all over with oil and then using BOTH my glass dildo and my vibrator. (19:41) (250 Tokens)
Photo FunWatch as I do a private photoshoot for you with my angel vibe and my clit clip. Listen to what happens afterwards when I show up back at your place. And enjoy a batch of the photos from our shoot. (250 Tokens)
A Night OutThis package consists of a picture, an audio story (20:19), and an HD video (13:53). Follow my exploits and listen to what happens on my night out and see what I do the morning after. You won't be disappointed. (250 Tokens)
SirenDid this really happen? Did you really see me walking down that trail? Did you really see me undress and start playing with myself? Did I really come to your house afterwards and did I really let you have me? Find out... (250 Tokens)
COMING SOON (11:43 - 150 tks)NEW VID
In The Wild (11:43 - 150 tks)One day I had the brilliant idea to shoot a sexy lil vid of me playing in the woods. What wasn't so brilliant was me not realizing just how busy the spot I chose was...
Sexy Silhouette (21:07 - 150) I took care of a friend one weekend, and quickly realized she had a perfect area for a silhouette show. The shows I did there were such a hit, I just had to make a vid before I left.
Hitachi Cum (17:23 - 100tks) You guys know how I love using my Hitachi and a glass dildo - there's almost nothing better at making me cum. This vid is from a show one's almost like you were there.
My Perspective (10:17 - 150) I love the camera angle in this vid. It's like you are spying on me play, but from my point of view. It's quickly become one of my most requested to do and for good reason!
En Rojo (13:46 - 150tks) My newest presentation is 'The Red Show', which surprise, is on a red background. Somehow that red just gets me in the mood, but especially when I say it in Spanish ;)
I'm On A Boat (27:17 - 150tks) Come join me on a little spin on my new (to me) boat. Watch me cruise around looking for a good spot then enjoy as I get a little sun and get a little cum...
Silver Seduction (19:23 - 150) Someone got a new toy! It makes me cum so damn well that I just had to collect it in a glass. What do I do with it after that? Get the vid and find out! Bonus footage too!
Quicksilver (4:57 - 50tks) Just a quickie? Don't think you can last a whole full length vid? This one is just the bonus footage from Silver Seduction. Looking at the pic I think you get the idea... ;)
Mirror Show 2 (22:56-150tks) Here's another chance for you to enjoy one of my mirror shows. Guys love seeing me wipe up my cum with my panties afterwards and I am always happy to oblige...
POV On Top (22:48-150tks) Recorded during a show, if you want to experience me sucking, stroking, and riding on top forwards and backwards until I cum nice and hard...well enough said. ;)
Porn Watch (12:39-150tks) If you've ever spent any time in my room, you know I love myself a little porn watching. Watch along and see for yourself in this vid just how much I love it and why.
Massage Fantasy (47:58-300) One of my fantasies came true as I was treated to a true professional sensual massage. Take a front row seat as I get a full body rub down - happy ending mandatory.
Cream Pie Fantasy (5:27-150) Hopefully by now you've heard me talk many times about my cream pie fantasy or even listened to my Cream Pie Gang Bang audio story. Well this video is even better... ;)
Driving (13:46 - 150tks) Feeling horny while driving I started flirting with a trucker. I even got him to follow me off the highway and into a parking lot where I let him watch me do what I do best.
The Rabbit (13:34 - 150tks) My toy supplier got me this purple rabbit that vibrates and rotates and gets me so nice and creamy. Watch and you'll agree, these tricks are definitely not for kids!
The Machine (30:11 - 250tks) I decided to reward myself and get my very own Shockspot fuck machine. But it's also a present for you so watch me use it and thoroughly enjoy it for the very first time.
Anal Play (7:58 - 150tks)I've been practicing my anal skills so I can eventually enjoy a new toy I got. For now though, watch as I get more play time in with just my fingers. Soon though, soon...
Playing w/ Pearls (39:30-150)Recorded during an afternoon presentation, I should really call this 'Playing with Pearls in My Mouth, Pussy, and Asshole', but that's way too long. W/ extra bone-us footage :)
Dominatrix (17:56 - 150tks)I think it's time you had the tables turned on you - no holes barred. ;) I will have my way with you using just a few of my special toys. And don't worry, I'll get in on the fun too.
Coffee Table (31:35 - 150)Me, my glass dildo, and a glass coffee table. Mix in one camera above and one camera below and this is what you get. You'll be so glad you have a front row seat!
Double Pleasure (15:27 - 150)Pussy or anal? There are often times where a girl just has trouble making up her mind between the two. Fortunately for you, I didn't need to this time. ;)
Mirror Show (21:25 - 150tks)My mirror presentation is always popular and after enjoying this vid you'll know why. You have a great view as I bj and ride my suction cup dildo like only I can.
iRide (13:17 - 150tks)You'll love watching in HD as I put my iRide through it's paces. If you don't know what an iRide is, you'l definitely know after watching this one!
Outdoor Cum (5:53 - 50tks)There is nothing quite as exhilarating as cumming outdoors in the warm sun. Except maybe all my other vids. ;)
The Chair (12:36 - 150tks)Watch in HD as I pass the time waiting for my date to arrive by entertaining myself with my fingers and my favorite glass dildo.
Ash Shower (21:31 - 150tks)Watch me on a wet and wild Wednesday as I get all wet in the shower and play with my clear suction cup dildo. Bonus footage of me lotioning afterwards!
Blacklight (23:38 - 150tks)For something completely different watch me being creative and naughty with my blacklight.
Cumming (5:49 - 50tks)Sometimes, I don't want to use any toys...just my fingers. And sometimes I want to use both hands.
Let's Play (13:35 - 150tks)Let me play with you and let you fuck me. This POV vid will be ALMOST as good as being right there with me...
Ash Dance (15:03 - 150tks)One of my favorite presentations - I get all slicked up and dance for you. And if you know me, you know I can't stop there...
Pussy Play (3:00 - 50tks)After using my dildo I wanted to see just how much cum I could squeeze out of my pussy. Watch and see for yourself.
Wet Dreams (11:51 - 150tks)I wake up all horny from an erotic dream and need to get myself off. This one is extra special as I no longer have the glass dildo I used... :(
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What I Like To Do For Fun:
Cam of course!!! xxxooo
Favorite Songs:
Love to mix it up and listen to a variety of music. I listen to music constantly and you will probably hear a few of my favorites playing in my room. Music has a way of making me feel so emotional. I can get aroused just from listening to a great song. My new favorites are Kings of Leon, Silver Sun Pickups and The Airborne Toxic Event. Journey is my obsession the past month..why? Someone asked in my room once if singing and music were foreplay? The answer is yes, definitely!

Favorite Movies:
I love funny movies. Anything with Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell. I love to laugh and get carried away when I watch a comedy. 'Zoolander' is probably one of my top three favorites, that and 'Cable Guy' and 'Anchor Man'. I would love to snuggle naked on the couch with you and watch a movie under a big blanket while eating popcorn. I can't say South Park is a movie but I have to mention it!

Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
Wow, there might not be enough room to list the crazy things I have done here! YOU know what the craziest thing I have ever done is so shhhhh let's keep it OUR little secret. lol
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
will get back to you on this one...
Besides sex it would be anything that involves being outdoors. I love to snowboard, wakeboard, play basketball, run and lift weights. I love exploring my new city on my bicycle. I always run into something amazing. I also like buying and remodeling houses!
I love to talk dirty and worked as a phone sex operator for a brief moment in my life; see, not all phone sex operators are 300 lbs chain smokers who watch soaps all day. I can tell what a man wants and need just from a conversation. I have a way of making a man hard just by whispering in his ear. I am working on my blow job skills I vow to get better at it lol
Perfect Mate:
My perfect mate is definitely someone with a sense of humor. Please make me laugh and smile and I am yours forever! Ohhh and spoiling me doesn't hurt either. I like to spoil back so watch out.
Perfect Date:
I wanna lay around and watch movies and eat snacks- then make out- then rewind to the spots we missed- then make love- then rewind again-then decide it is possibly the BEST movie we have both ever seen.
Turn Ons/Offs:
I am turned on by a man who knows what he likes and wants and can verbalize it. I don't like someone who can't make a decision. 'Just pick a restaurant already'. Spontaneity is super sexxxxxy!
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
I have some really creamy cums, and when I am in the right mood, aka 'The CumZone', I get even creamier! I can put anyone at ease and will brighten even your worst day! When you talk to me you will feel like you have known me for years.

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